Portrait Of Light

from by Satori Loser

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I have two prescient ladies to thank for "Portrait Of Light". The first is Haley, a polka-dot dress wearing, clipboard-weilding researcher and figment of my imagination. In a dream I had, we sat side by side in front of some giant pine trees under the night sky. She kept saying "the bats are coming". The mood was serene, all smiles and anticipation. Soon enough, a massive swarm of bats came toward us, each with a different colored light shining in their chest, and started swirling up through the branches illuminating a cluster of living, breathing, kaleidoscopic Rockefeller Christmas trees. This is the "portrait of light" I refer to in the title. At the time I was planning a trip to Cuba, and had been doing a lot of research on the country. Upon waking, misty-eyed and stunned, I remembered that bats are a sign of good fortune in the culture, and I took it as an omen. The other prescient lady was a presumably real homeless woman shouting some wonderful horrible nonsense on a street corner. As I passed her, she singled me out and between obscenities what I heard was "you just a cut-up Gemini drinking children". My ears pricked up and I immediately scribbled it down. It sounded bizarre and monstrous and I loved it. I soon attached the insult to that newly inaugurated trash can with a pulse we were all losing sleep over, and combined this experience with my dream to form the basis of a tune about seeing the good in people in a time of moral panic. Months later, after the lyrics had been finished I thought, wait - I should look up his sign! Wouldn't that be wild if...? So I did. Son of a bitch is a Gemini.


it's getting darker earlier
don't flip your familiar
we haven't hit the ground yet
this cut-up Gemini is drinking children
don't flip your familiar
we know wrong from light

sentenced to scraping giggles
out of cake and missiles
we're scrubbing criminal dishes
while the soul of summer's being dragged through the street
much as we wishes
we know the night

portrait of light

I had a dream
a prescient lady
she wore a polka-dot dress
we were waiting for the trees to light up
the bats are coming
they have lights in their chests alright

portrait of light

portrait of light is alive in the darkest species of moment
portrait of light is alive in backwards baseball caps on hijabs
portrait of light is alive here in this room tonight
portrait of light is alive let's call its name

portrait of light is alive in New York City (show me the lights in your chest!)
portrait of light is alive in the middle of the night
portrait of light is alive and it always will be (swarm! swarm!)
portrait of light is alive let's call its name

portrait of light


from Know​-​No EP, released December 7, 2018


all rights reserved



Satori Loser New York

Satori Loser is a Brooklyn-based art rock project led by songwriter-poet Tyler Wilson. The band rallies around Wilson's impressionistic narratives of personal experience and cultural criticism, drawing on styles ranging from post-punk to jazz, noise, shoegaze, folk, funk, and world music.


Insta: @satoriloser
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