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Every year, male elephants go into a state called 'musth'. It is essentially the male equivalent of being in heat, and it can be terrifying. They excrete a thick, black, hormonal tar-like substance from their temporal glands, which are swollen to the point of causing serious pain in their skulls. They're incontinent and they reek of piss and sulfur. Their testosterone spikes to as much as 6 times normal levels. They become incredibly aggressive, erratic, irritable, and sexually rapacious. Musth bulls are known to attack villages, kill keepers, animals of other species, the females they pursue, and even members of their own family without provocation. Their sense of judgement, compassion, and community vanishes entirely. I wanted to take the gruesome realities surrounding this phenomenon and apply them to an indictment of hypermasculinity in humans. It should be no surprise that the intense magnifaction of the male principle in the animal kingdom reveals monsters, as the most barbaric, destructive, and murderous behaviors in our society are undeniably manifestations of the male principle taken to the extreme. So what, if anything, can be done about it? Enter the 'mahout'. Mahouts are the traditional masters and caretakers of elephants in India. With ancient methods as harsh as they are effective (namely temporary starvation), they can prevent a musth bull from doing any serious harm and cut what is usually several months of mania down to days, at which point the elephant can amicably rejoin the herd. The chaos of the musth bull may be under some control, but the violence of man has yet to be tamed. There is no mahout for man in his own state of testosterone poisoning. There is no next order of magnitude to reign him in. There is only a pressing question: what is it that sustains a violent man? If we have the courage to seek balance, to look to the wisdom of the female principle, to mercy, to empathy, to nurture and sacrifice - there we may find the clues needed to begin starving him.


tar oozing from his temples
manifesto dumb as muscles
ill perfume of trophy breath is on his lips
must be in musth he must be in

in that black hole
oh, that special chemical
watch out for that yang
bang bang

what mahout will tame the shape of violence?

mean mug rumblin out the strong-box
dribbling gunpowder from his blind cock
poison of pursuit of all is headless in bikini
must be in musth he must be in

in that black hole
oh, that special chemical
watch out for that yang
bang bang

get out of the way if you can
there is no mahout for man


from Know​-​No EP, released December 7, 2018


all rights reserved



Satori Loser New York

Satori Loser is a Brooklyn-based art rock project led by songwriter-poet Tyler Wilson. The band rallies around Wilson's impressionistic narratives of personal experience and cultural criticism, drawing on styles ranging from post-punk to jazz, noise, shoegaze, folk, funk, and world music.


Insta: @satoriloser
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