Creature Wave

from by Satori Loser

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Imagine some benevolent interstellar passerby looking in on the current state of human behavior and the health of our planet, and resolving to deliver a message of grave concern: while millenia of human triumph and its resulting narcissism may allow you to think of yourselves at the top of the food chain, the truth is that you and your crimes are convenience are prey to two hungry, invisible, and wholly inescapable predators which sooner or later will always make a meal of man: Change and Time. Consider them jaws that you live between. Now, you are on a path. When you bent to the innovation of agriculture and stopped moving, that was your first strike. When you began to siphon eons of plant and animal remains from the belly of your planet to fuel the Industrial Revolution, that was your second. You may be dinner now or you may be dinner later, but you will be dinner - it is simply up to you to decide when you are served. Your sources are starving. Your sinks are overflowing. You are pursuing the What of life to ruin, and the neglected, burning Why of life may end you. You would do well to gather the courage and humility it takes to become stewards of your planet. Otherwise the jaws of Change and Time will clamp down for an early dinner. It has already begun.


if you don't want to be a creature wave
listen up, lazy deity
you see it's this way

it's time to see that time is a jaw
the change you need's to see change is a jaw
and you live between them
or together they'll sing

it's just a creature wave

first they watched you fall farm from grace
and the phantom jaws creaked open
you didn't mind the why

now they watch you make a scab of sky
and the phantom jaws are clamping down
and together they sing

it's just a creature wave

creature wave
you're still learning
you gun for the what
now the why is burning
now the why is burning bright


from Know​-​No EP, released December 7, 2018


all rights reserved



Satori Loser New York

Satori Loser is a Brooklyn-based art rock project led by songwriter-poet Tyler Wilson. The band rallies around Wilson's impressionistic narratives of personal experience and cultural criticism, drawing on styles ranging from post-punk to jazz, noise, shoegaze, folk, funk, and world music.


Insta: @satoriloser
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